Friday, July 17, 2009

now we wait....again

i am physically and emotionally exhausted! but it is such a great feeling to know that we have finally done all the we can do. we can now take a step back and watch God move. today's meeting with our case worker was so wonderful. we discussed different scenarios that could come up and what we would be open for. we talked about legal risks and post placement visits. everything was so informative and slightly overwhelming. but i think we are in a great place right now.

we know that we have done our part and it's time to start the waiting game. we have not been "offically" approved yet but there is nothing left for us to take care of. i have had several people ask how long until we are placed with a baby and honestly, there is no definite answer. our agency has told us that from this point we are to expect the unexpected. every story is different.

so, while we wait, i have tons of things i want to do. at some point soon, i want to work on the nursery. it is hard to make decisions since we won't know if we will be chosen for a boy or a girl. but there are still a few things that can be done now. i also really really want to make this. maybe ill do that this week! i have big plans for this idea. it seems like a really large project but the guest room will turn into the nursery and the grandparents will need somewhere to sleep! clay and i also have a wonderful weekend vacation planned for this beautiful place. go ahead and take a look at some of their cabins because they are fantastic! we will be getting together with two other couples for this much needed getaway and i couldn't be more excited about it. im hoping that all these exciting things will help the waiting not be so hard. ill let you know how they all turn out!! :o)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

home visit tomorrow!

We were able to pretty much fly through the interviews and have the home study timeline cut in half! Tomorrow we will have our home visit with the agency and then in the not too distant future, we will be going over our service plan. Profiles will be turned in at that time and we'll start the waiting game! (On a side note, we had every intention of turning in our profiles at the time of the home visit, but that's not going to happen.) The Lord has shown us much grace and mercy through this process and is continuing to bless us with support and love from so many.

Thank you for prayers and we will update again soon!

C & H

Friday, June 19, 2009

much needed update...

so sorry it's been so long between posts. we do have lots of news though. first of all the yard sale was wonderful and we feel so blessed by all our friends who donated and spent time helping us. thank you all so much!

we also finished our paperwork! it is done, stamped, and mailed! i cant even describe all the emotions i went through as i walked to the mailbox. and now i am so excited about the next steps. we have our first interview with our agency scheduled for next friday. we will have two more after that then our home visit. at the end of the visit, we'll turn in our profile, which is basically a book of us and then we wait. some days i cant believe how close we are! thanks so much to everyone who is praying for us and ill try to keep this blog updated!


Thursday, April 30, 2009

change of plans

it doesn't look too promising for a dry yard sale this saturday, so we're going to be pushing it back three weeks to may 23rd. and you're invited again.

thanks to everyone who has given us things so far! we're tempted to keep some of it because it's so nice... but we won't. i promise this is a fund raiser. we'll still take anything that you nearby folks can donate so just let us know! we really appreciate everyone's generosity.

** and if you ordered a shirt over the last week, they will be mailing out tomorrow! be on the lookout in your mailbox.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

yard sale time

this saturday (5/2), we'll be having a yard sale to help us raise funds. some friends and family have been gracious enough to donate items for us to sell. yesterday we went out on yard sale trip in hopes to land a good deal for the baby, but we're certain that one of our friends (who is a professional yard-sale-shopper) bought all the good ones.

other than advertising in the classifieds, craigslist, and sticking poster board signs at intersections, are there any good ways to get traffic? we're thinking about writing on the windows of our cars so all the drivers in middle tennessee will know about it.

any other ideas?

C & H

Saturday, April 25, 2009

where we are today

several people have asked us how far along we are in the process of adoption and what we have left. we are in the home study stage and have most of our paperwork completed. the daunting task of finishing a 12 page self-assessment (each) is behind us. those weren't just simple yes or no questions, either...

there are a few papers we need to sign and that's about it. tomorrow we plan on taking care of that and mailing the paperwork out early next week! after this, it's on to interviews and a home safety inspection. once they approve us (Lord willing...), we will make a profile of our life that is shown to the birthparent(s) and from this they can choose a family for placement.

we are also asked regularly what agency we are using. bethany christian services in nashville has been wonderful from day one... even before day one, really. we first attended a "friends and family" dinner a couple years ago where we heard about the work they do. they love and care for the birthmoms from the beginning and it has spread to us. we already love and respect this woman deeply for choosing life and pray for her as she faces these challenges.

please join us in praying for her and the little one(s)* she is carrying.

*and that's a whole 'nother post.

C & H

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Thanks for dropping in! We're rolling out the new blog so you can learn about our adoption. We hope you'll save it to your blog reader of choice and come back often. Updates are in the queue for tomorrow.

Be well,

C & H